Shifting to Shopee Ambassador while moving out of Involve Asia.

After my payment and tax informations were approved last May 2023, I slowly promoted Shopee Ambassador links to test whether it is a better affiliate program than Involve Asia.

Though I already tested promoting Shopee links a year prior, I formally started promoting this affiliate program when I got my first payment on June 2nd.

Here are the advantages of this affiliate marketing platform:

  1. Easier promoting links: As we are direct to the marketplace itself, we can just simply share the links without using URL shorteners. There is no need to have your properties (Facebook, X, Instagram, etc.) approved.
  2. Faster payment process: The system sends you a summary of the past week’s commissions minus tax via email or notification for acknowledgement. Once acknowledged, you can wait around 3-4 weeks (unlike Involve which takes around 135 days) for the payment which will be sent via Shopeepay or SeaBank, their partner bank.
  3. No minimum commissions required for payouts: I remembered that I generated around 10 pesos worth of commissions then they sent me an acknowledgent request for the payout worth 9.25 pesos (this is minus taxes). After I received the payout, that’s the time I promoted heavily.
  4. Additional ways to promote: By this you are not only bound to promote via paid ads, social media, and the likes. You can also promote via ShopeeLive, which is their own livestream platform where you can sell your own products, and you can promote other products where you can get commissions.
  5. Commissions Xtra: This is the feature where you can break the commission cap to maximize your earnings from the merchants that are available in this system for a certain period of time, but some of them can be promoted for life.
  6. Weekly webinars: Check your emails regularly and join weekly webinars to know the basics of this program, including it’s livestream feature. You may also win prizes by just participating to their games.
  7. Challenges: In order to earn additional earnings, participate to the challenges for the chance to win great prizes!
  8. Ease of access: You don’t need to open it via browser, just open the app and find it in the profile section where you can choose “Affiliate Program”.

Though being approved in this program is very hard as they require 1,000 followers, subscribers, and traffic in order to be approved. This may took months, or years. Also, you may prepare IDs with your current address and alternative bank accounts with the scanned bank certificate or statement.

I started applying last June 2021, then got rejected 3 times until on February 2022, I got approved, but without my payment and tax information. As I completed all the approvals, everything is easy.

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