Involve Asia Vendor review: Lazada

Lazada 2.2 poster

Good day! Let’s just do another vendor review for Involve Asia’s top vendor, Lazada. Previously we did one for Shopee, but now we will do one for the competing merchant.

I guess not everyone purchase their items on Shopee, but if you want to buy from trusted, and premium brand, Lazada is the answer.

Well, enough with the praises because if you want to market or advertise Lazada, know the pros and cons first:

-Usually, Affiliates are pre-approved to Lazada when they signed up with Involve Asia.
-They have higher % and also they offer bonus commissions to affiliates.
-You can promote their links directly to Social Messenger apps because it is allowed as stated in the description.
-Mostly, Lazada is heavily promoted, especially on Twitter.
-You can promote their Flash sale items as they run for 24 hrs compared to Shopee.
-They have this special discount for every 500 or 1000 so you can promote this one.

-Expect reporting delays during sale events, Lazada is known for being notoriously delayed during sale events.
-Majority of people buy from Shopee because Lazada offers lesser products than Shopee.
-For product pages, they are downloaded in webp format. You will need to open a photo editor app and export it as jpg or png.
-Usually they only offer free shipping during sale events.

My take:

If you are using Facebook ads or any paid ads for this one, I would suggest to use it on Shopee because Lazada’s data is always delayed during sale events. There were conversions that were nullified due to the reporting delays.

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