Involve Asia Affiliate Challenge update: Getting there

So far, I almost attained the monthly withdrawal status

Good day friends! As indicated from my previous post where I plan to do Involve Asia monthly cashout challenge, I almost attained my monthly withdrawals for 2022.

I am planning to increase the amount to be withdrawn monthly from 80MYR to around 500MYR per month. I already had 300+ MYR withdrawn in a single month.

This was the latest withdrawal that I have done recently

As indicated, I had the highest withdrawal from Lazada due to them having the highest commissions compared to Shopee PH. Then Shopee takes 135 days before your earnings will be cleared. So in the next couple of days, we will do both Shopee and Lazada due to some shops choose Shopee over Lazada for their simplicity.

Also, I experienced numerous issues with Lazada in terms of getting earnings compared to Shopee. I may still consider Lazada as my secondary merchant for my campaigns.

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