Involve Asia Affiliate marketing monthly cashout challenge

Picture for attention only, credits to Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing

Ever since I joined Involve Asia as an Affiliate Marketing publisher, I got a total of 3 payouts (1 is still processing but might receive on or before the first Monday of February. Because I have been a publisher for more than 6 months already, I decided to give myself a challenge for this year: Get monthly payouts from Involve Asia which will start probably at the end of Q1.

So what would be the scope of the challenge?


  • At least one payout per month, since we focus on a standard withdrawal, we can just withdraw at least 20 USD or almost 1,000 pesos.
  • We may do early withdrawals if and only if we cannot reach at least one payout a day. But keep in mind, early or express withdrawals have fees so cash out wisely.
  • To ensure that we get monthly payouts, we must accumulate at least 20 USD per month estimated earnings.

Optional but highly recommended:

  • Accumulate at least 100 USD per month by doing heavy promotions on big sale events (2.2, 3.3, midyear sale, 9.9, 11.11, etc.).
  • Aim that we get the highest earnings during the big sale events.
  • Do not only focus on Involve Asia, also do gaming and Google Adsense payouts for additional stable income.

This is to keep me motivated while I have no full time work and enhance my skills before I enter the corporate world. I also aim for an income that might be equal or more than my asking salary because as soon I reached this goal, I might retire from working in the office and focus on my projects instead.

So, for those who are into challenges this year such as 52-week challenge or weight-loss challenge, Try this out!

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