Got my 2nd payout from Involve Asia

Total withdrawn earnings for December 2021

Sorry for the late post due to that period when my website was hacked by a Japanese hacker. Anyway, I am glad to share my 2nd hard spent earnings from different offers (Lazada and Shopee mostly).

I told you that in this phase, we’ll try paid promotions which, somehow, worked because during 11.11, I earned twice to thrice my monthly earnings but with the combination of Facebook ads plus posting my links to different groups.

Currently, I am still doing those kinds of promotions but moving forward, I will venture into international markets starting with Singapore. I may also create another website to help pump up the visits and earnings through Search Engine Optimization.

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  1. January 29, 2022

    […] since I joined Involve Asia as an Affiliate Marketing publisher, I got a total of 3 payouts (1 is still processing but might receive on or before the first Monday of February. Because I have […]

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