My Movie Review of The Internship starring Vince Vaugn and Owen Wilson


Hey Guys! I would like to share my thoughts on the movie, The Internship, starring Vince Vaugn and Owen Wilson. I believe that this movie mainly focuses on Google, which is one of the biggest companies in the world that millions of people would like to work with.

To start it up, can you imagine working at Google? Where you can eat for free, have fun while working, go biking around Google’s compound, take a powernap with Google’s powernap seats, see a replica of a spaceship inside the office, or anything else that can make your employment at Google like a paradise? Why not ask these two former watch salesmen, Nick Campbell and Billy Mcmahon, their internship experience at Google? Of course if I am given that opportunity I would grab it with all my heart. But I think that working with Google is not only fun, but you’ll also need familiarity on programming, sales, and customer support.

Based on my review, the movie is very funny because of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugn’s antics and catchphrases that made me laugh out loud until I fall down to the ground. The movie also gave me the impression that even though someone who is not quite an expert on the field may have a chance to be in what I call, the dream company. I also say that the movie is primarily an offline advertisement of Google because Google is mentioned many times, I think 70-90% of the movie.

To end my review, I say that this movie is good, especially the funny scenes because it made us laugh and laugh until I fall into the ground. I would also recommend this to the people who wants to see what it’s like to work with Google.


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