A New iMAX Experience : Dr Seuss' The Lorax Review

First of all, I want to thank Kuya Azrael for the invite and it’s a pleasure to be joining the media team. I found out that iMAX in SM Southmall very very good because the 3D experience is breathtaking, and of course… the graphics are smooth without any trace of Anaglyphs unlike other SMs’ iMAX had.

As I have watched, I felt that the movie can be watched by all ages because it brings us the most important lesson on the planet, Save our trees!

Spoiler Alert…

Moving Forward, to summarize the film, the story revolves around Thneedville (coming from the word Thneed meaning it’s like a handwoven cloth coming from a Truffula’s Tree tufts, a tree with a hairy-like leaves) wherein everything is artificial, trees made of plastic, grass and plants made artificially, and of course, no living plants and trees present.

Here lives Ted, a young boy who wants to capture the heart of a girl named Audrey, who wished to have a real tree. Ted’s Grandmother, Norma told that if Ted want to have a tree, he should talk to the Once-ler. As Ted went out of the town, he saw that all trees were cut down, and the place became a giant wasteland. He went to the house of the Once-ler, who in fact the reason why all trees were gone. The Once-ler went on to start a Thneed business when he was still young. He found a forest with lots of Truffula trees, and animals like bears, fishes, and birds. As he cut a tree, The Lorax, as they said the Guardian of the Forest, comes down and warned the Once-ler.

Well, that would be all, because I think I am a little bit of a spoiler. So enjoy the movie!


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