Multi-Level Marketers : Are these people really earn so much?



I was invited last week in a “meeting” by one who proclaims to be an HR of a certain company. He told me that I must alot 2 hours of my time for the “meeting”.

When I came in, I wondered why there are people waiting in the lobby, hoping to get a part-time job. I also wondered why some people talked about a product which I knew that revitalize the skin and makes skin younger than ever.

I was approached by a man who talked to a guy who is also waiting for someone, which I had a strong feeling that he would introduce an “opportunity” that I must not miss. When I reached the floor, I saw the company and to my surprise and I knew that company was indeed a multi-level marketing company.

I just pretend to be interested, sit, and listened to their “success stories” with the system. They told us that they were previously poor, but they were college graduates so why would I believe? They also told that they have roamed around the world and bought house and lots, including cars! They also told me that you can fire your boss because you earned a lot of money than they have. They also told me I would just sit around, earning while I sleep, and I do not need to sell something in order to earn.

Because I am a marketing guy, I know some strategies on how to sell something like this lousy strategy. They told you that you are not urged to sell, however, it’s like selling because the one you invited will also pay for the membership which include the items and some benefits. You earn per referral, and you earn per binary depending on the marketing process they have.

It was an effective strategy then because I was invited, improperly, and it was done to me several times, maybe around 4-5 times total. I just ditch them and leave them crying because I don’t know them, why trust them even they earn millions per month?

A true big earner creates good strategy and does not broadcast his/her earnings in public. Broadcasting his/her earnings in public is a strategy that lures clueless people in order to buy their product.


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