Involve Asia Frequently Asked Questions

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Good day guys! Here are the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Involve Asia Affiliate program.

1. I only have my Facebook page approved by IA, can I paste it on Twitter, or Tiktok?

Answer: Yes, but better if you place it in the right property for tracking purposes.

2. I get 0 earnings from my sales, may I know why?

Answer: Different factors, for example, Shopee, Digital payments are not counted so you may have conversions, but no earnings. For cheap items, earnings might be lower than $0.01 so don’t worry, you may get more than that in the future.

3. I have 0.00 MYR current earnings, when will my estimated earnings reflect?

Answer: Advertisers or Partners have their own validation period, usually 3 months. Once the earnings have been validated by the Advertiser, it will be added to the current earnings.

4. My friend used my link to buy something, but the sales did not reflect, what’s the problem?

Answer: Each advertiser might have delayed reporting, especially Lazada and on sales event. So allow them to take 2-3 days before filing it on the Missing Conversions page.

5. I am new, what products should I promote?

Answer: It is not us or even IA account managers can give you that answer except yourself. We don’t have the same interests, we differ in terms of strategy. We might answer you but don’t be disappointed if that method failed.

To summarize: We, ourselves, became newbies here, and I believe you can overcome the challenges you encounter being affiliate marketer.

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