PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is… Booster, the Lost Dog!

Why do I like that commercial? Simple… I like dogs! The commercial showed how fast PLDT myDSL that it can play 4 videos at the same time, and how a connection that

fast it can boost up to 10Mbps. I also see that the winner of the new Anna search, Aria, also appeared in the commercial, and Derek, the main guy, have grown a little since PLDT’s last commercial last year. Well I can’t wait to see the next PLDT commercial.

Do you missed some of these Lorenzo Family commercials? You can watch them all right here and don’t forget to subscribe to their Youtube Channel to see what’s

happening to the Lorenzo family household:

PLDT myDSL Anna Banana Commercial

Anna’s Reply to Derek

Derek’s New Anna

Booster, the Lost Dog

If you want a high-speed internet like the Lorenzo family uses, choose PLDT myDSL because… PLDT Anna Banana 3 8.5x11 Mag


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