Alternatives for Nokia Lumia 920?


I believe that among Nokia products, Nokia Lumia 920 is the most powerful among the 3 Lumia units launched last September of 2012. Even though Lumia 920 have a 8MP Pureview camera, plus Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protection, and bigger size, I think that buying this product is not a smart idea because of the following:

  • Even though the internal storage is 32GB, it has no external storage so as time goes by, you’re stuck up to 32GB only, nothing more.
  • I don’t need a powerhouse camera on my cellphone because I have my own camera at home and cellphone camera’s quality appear pixelated most of the time.
  • Lumia 920’s battery is non-removable, so if there are problems with the battery, you need to have your device repaired via Nokia service centers (may cost you an additional travel expense + parts and service repair cost).
  • Some of my needed features are just the same as Nokia Lumia 820, so why would I spend more if I can buy anything the same as this for less?

To top it all that, I would rather select Nokia Lumia 820 or Nokia Lumia 620 if I want a cheaper Windows Phone 8.

See the features of the Nokia Lumia Series.


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