The benefits of an Instore Radio and Customized Messaging by WAV Atmospheric


Before I discuss the benefit of the Instore Radio and Customized Messaging, I would like to share something related to this.

Have you been to JCo Coffee and Donut store lately? If you have noticed despite of the long queue in order to buy those delicious donuts, you might even have to listen to their comfortable choice of music and customized messages as if they have their own in-house radio station. So what does this imply?

Instore Radio is an advanced specialized audio-marketing tool designed to ably engage and professionally deliver branded Instore music plus customized messages to suit your brand’s needs. Give your brand the upper hand by giving your customers what they need to know whenever they’re in your store. Brand values and corporate messages can easily be promoted on WAV Atmospheric Branding’s Instore Radio through Audio Bulletins, Event News, Announcements, Product Launches, PR Communications and Specials in the vein of holidays, festivals and other special occasions.

So what are the benefits of Instore Radio and Customized Messaging?

  • In-store radio increases brand awareness, improves customer experience, increases trial, encourages repeat visits, and strengthens customer brand loyalty.
  • In-store radio gives your brand complete control over in-store customer experience.
  • In-store radio reinforces your clients’ emotional attachment to your brand, maximizes your sales, and taps into shopper marketing.

So as I mentioned earlier, JCo uses the Instore Radio and Customized Messaging to have their customers a different experience while waiting on the queue. Here are the establishments that uses the tool

Brand Services Offered Music
Rustans Supermarket instore radio Pop jazz, adult contemporary and standards (high end)
Shopwise Instore radio pop
Wendys Instore radio pop
All Home Instore radio chill
JCO instore radio loungy chill
Royal Touch Instore radio upbeat chill
Chatime instore radio house music
Ayala Malls instore radio lounge music
Family Mart instore  radio pop
Dune instore radio instrumental fashion music

So if you want to know more about the Instore Radio and Customized Messaging, visit WAV Atmospheric Instore Radio and Customized Messaging section.

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