My First Run United Experience at Run United 3


At first, I was skeptical just before I started joining Unilab ActiveHealth Run United 3 last September 16, 2012. Originally, I planned running for 10km only, but my friend told me that if I would join the run, I should try 21km instead. I became confused then it made me realize, if anyone can do it, I also can. By just adding 100 pesos for the registration (because the 10km is worth 800 pesos, and the 21km is worth 900 pesos) which makes no difference at all because adding 100 pesos for the registration gives me more than what I pay for, the distance I ran and the bragging right.

So I was all set, got the kit, and started joining the run without any second thoughts. I started running and I just ran smoothly until the 19th kilometer where I experienced muscle cramps from my foot up to my legs. Instead of turning back, I just finished my remaining kilometer by brisk walking and light jogs. I proudly finished the 21km at 2:35 with a slight tear in my eye, just like the one pictured. I got the medal and the finisher shirt, but despite the pain in my legs, I showed my interest joining Run United Philippine Marathon, but I’m still running the 21km distance because my 42km target will start next year.

I just want to prove that I started something that made my body hurt so good, I will continue it until I reached my goal.


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