It’s Time to Change : Start The Year Right with SULIT.COM.PH


Every time the new year comes, I usually Start The Year Right with SULIT.COM.PH

I always visit Sulit.Com.PH in order to look for the things I see in the internet, especially Gadgets, Clothes, and other Shopping Items. But what exactly I am looking for?

I look for wireless gadgets, sports equipment, and accessories.

1. First and foremost, I would like to have my camera body changed with a brand new Nikon D3200 camera body worth P23,400. With its 24 megapixels DX-format CMOS sensor and ISO 100-6400 (ISO 12800 boost) and a special feature that may enable this camera connect via Eye-fi wireless LAN, this gadget is a very good to buy.
I’d rather buy a new camera rather than spend more than P12000 just to have my actuations or shots reset so that I would enjoy some new features released by Nikon.


Nikon D3200 BODY 6mos 0% CDSC 2yrs Warranty FREE SD8GB CLASS10


2. If you want a good tripod, I say Benro, because I like Benro’s tripods, when it comes to quality and features.


BENRO Tripods A200FBH00 BPI A200 FBH00 MG Aluminum EX Series


3. If you have a DSLR, then you’ll probably want to buy a new bag for them. The best bag for me is Tamrac Adventure 7, good for DSLRs with multiple accessories.


Tamrac Adventure 7 Photo Backpack


4. I’m finished with the DSLR thing, let’s continue to my other gadgets and gizmos. My gadgets will never be complete without a good storage, especially a storage that can be transferred even without plugging it in. That is why I included Seagate Goflex Satellite HD on my list.
I would prefer buying a Seagate Goflex Wireless because I have a Google Nexus 7 which lack external storage such as microSDHC, or some others and I am having a hard time freeing up the space wherein I need to log on to my computer in order to initiate transfer of files.


Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500Gb – WiFi Storage


5. My Running is not complete without a good music, which brings to me good music quality comes from the headset I use. Not just any headset, but Neckband Stereo Bluetooth Sports Headset, a wireless, sweat and water resistant, headset that I may use especially for running.


Neckband Stereo Bluetooth Sports Headset


6. I would like to sleep well even if there are power outages. That’s why I would prefer having these rechargeable fans at home. Not just rechargeable fan, but also a remote-controlled rechargeable fan. This is good for outdoors and during power outage.


Rechargeable Electric Fan with Remote


7. I want to maximize my Nexus 7 Tablet, so I also wanted to convert my tablet into a laptop-like device. In order to do that, I needed a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet.

I prefer wireless products than the wired ones.


Bluetooth Keyboard And Holder For Tablets, Free Shipping


8. I’m done with the tablet device, now I want a smartphone. Not just any smartphone, but another Nexus device. Why Nexus? Because Nexus devices are always updated in terms of Android versions and I also believe Nexus devices are mostly high-powered devices.


LG Nexus 4 E960 *Bnew w/ LG Warranty*


9. Among all the gadgets I wanted, this is the best among all of them. A new innovation of laptop that also transform into a tablet device and can also run using Windows 8 OS.


Brand New Asus VivoTab  FREE DELIVERY w/n M.Mla


10. Now I’m done with electronics, let’s proceed to transportation. Instead of paying for parking and transportation fees, not to mention maintenance and gasoline, I would rather buy a bike, and drive my bike to work because not only I save money for my gas and parking fees, but also it exercise my legs.


Fuji Ace 650 road bike


Hope that these items will be mine someday, hopefully this year!

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