KFC SM Aura : 30 minutes waiting time for fried chickens


Me and my fiancee went to SM Aura to buy gifts and stuff but we decided to eat first before buying.

We stopped by KFC SM Aura because we see that customers are not as many like the ones in Jollibee.

As we came in, all tables were occupied, others were like just finished eating but still they just take selfies and talk with friends like they don’t care if there are hungry customers looking for tables.

As we went to order, KFC staff told us to wait for 30 mins for the fried chickens (Seriously? 30 minutes for fried chickens?!) because there are some customers that are still waiting for their orders.

After hearing that, we left KFC because why wait for 30 minutes if we could have eaten our dinner at Chow King or Bon Chon instead where we wait for 15 to 20 mins per meal?

This was not the first time it happened to us because it happened when I went to SM Aura’s 2nd day. We also left because we were told to wait for 20 mins for the chickens.

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