Starting this 2014, Joining Run United trilogy is OVER


Sorry Coach Rio dela Cruz, I know you are a good fun run organizer but I think that this is the time I should voice out my greivances. Because I think the Run United trilogy is not for me.

I knew that running out of registration or slots will happen once again this Run United 1st leg this year in less than a week because of some (or others who are show-off) runners have been registered to this fun run because of the medals. The medals are good but I always run out of registrations which made me sick and tired rather than the run itself.

So I decided from now on, I will not join any Run United series again, not even once because of these reasons:

  • I like the singlet, medal, loots, and the finisher shirts. But if I could not finish all the series, for me it’s worthless.
  • I’d rather pay additional hundreds of pesos for joining multi-sport events (duathlon, triathlon, etc.) than running alone.
  • My running shoes have been worn out and I have insufficient funds to buy expensive, overrated shoes just to be used for running.
  • I am not confident on my pace for now, I might get injured or much worse.
  • I see other runners who are not that serious in running, they just take a picture that proves that they are “runners”.

It’s natural that you’ll be tired when you run, but what makes me more sick and tired is that when I am ready to join a running event, I ran out of registrations.

And by the way, the mechanics in the Runrio/UnilabActiveHealth looks confusing…


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