Carcan: The 4-in-one travel bag

This not just a car bag

First of all, thanks to ate Mitch Coladilla for the opportunity, and Carcan for the product. This is my initial review for the Carcan bag.

The Carcan bag is not only a car storage bag, you can use it as the following:

  1. Storage: Add anything in this bag to organize things in my car.
  2. Cooler: I saw some reflective elements inside the bag so, this is perfect to put Ice and cooling pads for this.
  3. Trash bin (honestly, I will not use that as a garbage bin).
  4. Travel bag: I just mentioned this is not only an ordinary car bag. You can use it for travels.

For me, this is my all-around type of bag. You can use this bag for any type of travel now that most of us Filipinos can go out.

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