Budol Finds: HGBD:R Gundam G-Else

I love the color scheme

Like the previous budol, the HGBD:R Gundam G-Else was bought during the 12.12 event via Shopee. This is a custom version of Gundam G-Self which is using the black and red motif, which is contrast to the blue, white, red, and yellow colors of a typical Gundam unit.

Phase 1: Torso and head

Upon building this unit, I noticed some different pros and cons:


  • Good color motif because you can see that this Gundam is a Bad Guy
  • I love the arms because you can put the beams on it, which acts as a built-in beam saber.
  • His weapon is only a rifle and 2 beams to be attached to his arms.


  • This kit is sticker-heavy, unless you want to paint them instead.
  • The foot is quite loose so you might tighten up with cement or some liquid that can be used like nail polish or top coat.
  • Unlike the Aegis Knight, this kit has no action stand included.
Phase 2: Upper

Overall, aesthetics is good but less solid than the previous one.

This kit is worth Php 1,400, but I bought it at 710 during the sale events.

If you want to avail, buy the kit here.

Phase 3: Full body with weapons

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