To all the critics, watchers, and producers of MMFF Movies


Note: I am unbiased about what I write about this article. Comments and Reactions are very much welcome.

To critics, particularly Lourd de Veyra, et al., we can’t just blame the producers, creators, and directors of one movie (My Little Bossings) to create a movie that sucks, please be aware of the target audience of the movie before watching it.

If you think that “My Little Bossings” sucks, have you heard about the movie “One Night Only”? I think it was 2008 and that movie sucks big time (for me).

To the watchers of the Metro Manila Film Fest movies, as I’ve said, before watching a movie make sure that you’re watching a movie very suitable for you. If you like horror you watch Pagpag, if you have kids or if you are a Vic Sotto fan watch My Little Bossings, if you want Vice Ganda watch Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy.

We can’t just blame them because of the movie’s poor storyline. Some movies were made with lesser storylines, more product endorsements, and more laughs.

Even though they create a movie within a very long time, they can’t just create a good story to satisfy the audience.

And for the creators, producers, and directors, hopefully you minimize the product endorsements and focus on the storyline (I can’t blame you because it adds up to your revenue but it’s like a website that if you advertise your website over and over again, it looks spammy or annoying).

In fact, I used to watch MMFF movies during Christmas and New Year because it’s another way to spend my holidays. I just noticed that movies now focus on advertisements instead of storylines.

So funny that I watched Pagpag, which was supposed to be a horror movie but some people shout more when Kathryn and Daniel have their chemistry together than the horror scenes itself.

So far, I just watched 3 out of 8 movies from the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival. I’d rather not watch other movies because I might get a 2-hour hotel accommodation inside the cinema instead of watching it.


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