It’s been a while since the last blog post

I haven’t posted anything since 2019 because I am busy working on my gaming page, Soplak Gaming.

Despite the challenges I experienced last year, I managed to complete the 10,000 star mark before the end of the year.

This year, I will double my efforts to help my gaming page grow until I am eligible to have a supporter button.

By this, the gaming page will be as active as ever than both my personal and cosplay blog combined.

For events and blogging purposes, I might focus on gaming first than any other topics while we are on quarantine.

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The owner and the author, John Paolo Acelajado, is currently working as an Online Advertiser for Resorts World Manila, and currently taking freelance jobs online. The blog discusses gadget reviews, blogger events, movies, product reviews, travel and food reviews, and many more. I also do photoblogs and I go to numerous events. Add me at

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