Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing vs Streaming

Involve Asia my money maker

I am torn between Involve Asia affiliate marketing vs Facebook live game streaming. I would like to weigh in the quickness of work with higher compensation or the thing that I like the most, playing video games while earning from my viewers.

I started streaming last June 2019 playing PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile but I just managed to cashout once from Facebook because I usually stream 3x a week. I only have an old generation i3 laptop with 256GB SSD and 4GB RAM.

In case you’ve been wondering why the hell I can’t even stream Valorant or League of Legends, is that because I could not even use the laptop for more than 2 hours. Google Chrome alone can slow down your PC/Laptop even at old generation i5 with 8GB RAM.

On April 29, 2021, weeks after my first 14-day isolation, I joined InvolveAsia affiliate marketing program, I can only spend a couple of minutes generating links, writing spills, and sharing links with hopes of getting a commission from anything bought from my link. But with Affiliate Marketing, I already cashed out 3x in less than a year compared to game streaming where I cashed out once in what, 2 years or more? The only problem with game streaming is that you can only earn money from them when a viewer send stars, unless you have more than 250 returning viewers and 10,000 followers.

I may play Mobile Legends and stream it but with the toxicity of the community, I think I cannot play long and just stick to the games I love to play. So for now, we’ll do Involve asia Affiliate Marketing as an alternative way to earn at home.

Moving forward, by this method, I might consider a full time freelancer work because, who knows, I might enjoy working while relaxing with my family

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