Funny Jeepney Driver Facts

It’s been decades since I started riding a jeepney when travelling or going to school or work and I have been familiar with what’s happening inside the jeepney, especially the jeepney drivers. So for the last 2 years, here are the things I’ve noticed about some jeepney drivers:

  1. Try to shout “bayad ho (bayad means payment)!” even without paying or even outside the jeep and look at the jeepney driver’s hands, he’s trying to reach out the payment.
  2. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not, but whenever I’m in a hurry, they usually fuel up for a small amount.
  3. If the jeepney is not yet full, the jeepney driver usually take a stop every 1/2 a block or less just to look for a passenger.
  4. I see sticks on their chairs, not sure if it’s for protection or something else.
  5. For some young jeepney drivers, they used to install very loud soundsystems and play irritating sounds like DJ remixed love songs and stuff.
  6. One Happy Family means the Driver, the wife of the driver who gets the payments, and their kid/baby who is either sleeping or just sitting on the front.
  7. It’s too hard for you to make the driver stop in order to go down to your destination because they can’t hear it clearly due to the outside sounds and other possible hindrances.
  8. Do you wonder why some drivers maintain a long fingernail?

Aside from these? What do you notice about jeepney drivers?


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