Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Folding Bike


Nowadays, we see some people driving Folding Bikes, especially within the villages, parks, and places that are not congested with vehicles.

Me myself tried these bikes and so far, I am quite impressed because these bikes can be brought inside the building, especially in the office.

What are the common advantages and disadvantages of having these folding bikes?


  • Folding Bikes is synonymous to convenience because after you drive these bike, you’ll just simply fold the bike and put it inside your car’s compartment, or if you’re on your way to the office, just put it under your table instead of chaining it up outside.
  • Bikes like these are cute, even other people manage to ask you things about the bike, especially the price.
  • In my own opinion, folding bikes can be driven by people who are still learning to drive bikes because of their smaller wheel size (commonly 16″ and 20″ wheels) some would manage to learn driving these without difficulty.


  • Folding Bikes are quite heavier than regular bikes because of their additional gears and stuff, particularly the joints.
  • Some of the parts are very hard to find, mostly folding bike frame, stems, and even folding pedals.
  • I believe that the smaller the wheel, the slower the acceleration rate. I experienced that when I drove my bike together with other bikers in the road who use road bike.
  • Folding Bikes are obviously expensive because of its compact design, maybe 10-20% more expensive than regular bikes.
  • These bikes also have their weight limit, some would have the max limit of 220lb, people who are more than 220lb would ruin the bike.

Even though the disadvantages of having these bikes are a lot more than its advantages, I would still recommend this because it’s portable.


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