Diet vs Running and Exercising : Which do you prefer?


Most of the people I encounter, especially ladies and hardworking individuals, resort to diet in terms of losing weight, but is dieting enough to lessen the excess weight and get the body they want? Well probably yes, I tried it before, but will it retain the ideal weight you longed for? Not really, because you might as well give up dieting and crave for delicious, unhealthy, and high-carbohydrate foods.

I also started dieting last 2010, which helped me lose 10-12 pounds of weight. But after 3 months of dieting, I succumbed to delicious, high carbohydrate foods and forgot about dieting. I gained 20-25 pounds which made me look overweight. I tried to return to dieting but still I crave for delicious foods and continue my unhealthy lifestyle. But when one of my former officemates encouraged me to jog after work, with a little low-carb and low calorie diet plan, my weight began to drop in less than a month. After 1 to 2 months, I still enjoyed eating high carbohydrate and delicious foods without worrying about my weight increasing because right now I still continue my running routine, together with cycling right before running for my warm up and stretching.

Now, let’s face the facts, which do you prefer? You need to know these key points on both dieting and exercising.



  • Require less time, and less budget in order to achieve the target weight or fat index.
  • Advisable to people who are hardworking and those who have no time to exercise.


  • If you stopped dieting, your previous weight will return, or much worse might increase in greater numbers.
  • Because it is a low carb and low calorie diet, you may experience feeling weak, losing energy, or sleepy especially at work or idle times.
  • By doing this you might crave for delicious, high carb, high calorie, and unhealthy foods. It is natural because some individual also experience that but still they managed to control it themselves.
  • You may get higher risk of getting sick.



  • Losing weight is much easier, and you feel energized and refreshed after you do exercise.
  • Not only you lose weight, you feel more energetic, faster, and healthier than before.
  • You don’t need to sacrifice eating high carb and high calorie foods because you burn them.


  • Requires more time, and money because proper apparel and accessories are needed (shorts, jogging pants, compression shorts, shoes, and some accessories).
  • You feel healthier but this increase of getting injured, especially on your lower part of the body.
  • So what will you choose? The easier one or the fastest one?


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