Why everybody loves Magnum?

I remembered seeing the Magnum Advertisement outside convenient stores like Mini-stop and 7-11 and I wondered why is it famous? I saw some posts from my friends about their experience eating a Magnum ice cream bar. What is it by the way?

Magnum started in 1987 as Magnum Classic, which compose of a vanilla ice cream covered with luscious chocolate. In 1992, they added Magnum Almond which adds up the almonds in the chocolate. They were the current best sellers (so far) in the Philippines, even though they have higher price than regular Heartbrand (Selecta, Walls, Frisko, etc.) ice creams.

I bought one myself, tasted it, and I craved for another one. I admit that the chocolate is good and no wonder why is it popular among young individuals, and some older individuals.


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