PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

To tell the truth, I love the commercial, Derek S.’ Annabanana Youtube video gets $1.2M views all because of his proud and loving mother.  Her mother just reload his video until it reached 100 hits. It is a very touching commercial which made this young boy into an internet fame.

Well in my own opinion, I don’t just like the Derek’s presentation, I love it! I hope that he will also be one of the artists from Youtube who turned into mainstreams like Moymoy Palaboy, Charice, and many others.

Well that’s the power of PLDT’s myDSL plan 1299 speed which was upgraded to 1MBps from the previous 768KBps. For those who subscribed to myDSL plan 999, add up 300 pesos to your bill and enjoy surfing for a speed of 1 MBps.

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