Disney drops Johnny Depp out of the Pirates of the Carribean franchise

Johnny Depp will not appear in a possible reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean according to some of the writers of the film franchise.

From an exclusive report of the Daily Mail, Depp will no longer play Captain Jack Sparrow in a possible reboot of the franchise as said by one of the original writers of the film, Stuart Bettie.

In an interview with GQ in the late October, Depp said Disney thought of every way to get rid of him in Pirates, because of the personal creative decisions. Studio executives hated his quirky and unpredictable version of the Jack Sparrow character which fans loved very much.




Manny : The pound-for-pound documentary narrated by Liam Neeson


It’s been a long time since I had my last movie review, which is also a documentary of Jeremy Lin, this time, I would like to share my thoughts on the movie, Manny, which is narrated by Liam Neeson.

I attended the premiere night at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World ManilaThis is sponsored by Solar Entertainment, Motolite, and many more.

This documentary is about Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, from his life in poverty to his road to popularity. Like any boxers in the Philippines, Manny started as a boxer who fights for a small amount in order to help his family. Then he started fighting in an amateur boxing events, until he became a pay-per-view fighter who have been idolized by the people, not only his fellow countrymen, but also Hollywood celebrities.

By watching this movie, I realized that someone with the determination to strive in order to help his family and people in need would get to the spotlight by sacrificing his own body through fighting. Also, with the help of his prayers and faith, he believed that God is also the reason why he wins and survive the fights.

Manny also became a personality cult to us Filipinos because of his popularity in boxing that whenever he fights, people would tune in to his fights, especially the live pay-per-view fights which are done on different establishments, particularly restaurants and cinemas.

Manny will be shown this coming March 12, 2014 on cinemas near you. And also, watch his upcoming second fight with Timothy Bradley on April 12, 2014 which will also be done on MGM Grand Arena.


It’s been 2 decades! Forrest Gump


It’s #Throwbackthursday again and it’s time once again to reminisce the past! Anyone watched Forrest Gump in the moviehouses? Guess what, Forrest Gump will be 2 decades old!

For those who did not know, Forrest Gump is a naive and slow-witted individual portrayed by Tom Hanks who tells his biography while sitting in the bus stop to people who sits beside him.

The Bubba-Gump restaurant is inspired by the movie which combine the name of the two characters, Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue and Forrest Gump.

Watch the trailer:

Movies Music

Frozen’s Do you want to build a Snowman Tagalog : Lafftrip or Legit?


As I was driving my way home, I heard this on the radio which was discussed by two DJs. As I heard the music, I laughed but I think TV5 might use this for their Tagalized Hollywood movies on Primetime.


First Look at Transformers : Age of Extinction


I can’t wait to watch this film this June because I like watching the Transformer Film Series. In this installment, this is the only Transformers film that does not feature Sam Whitwiky portrayed by Shia Lebouf.

Well basically if you’re watching the Transformers series, you’ll see that the main focus of the series is the Autobots and Decepticons itself, not Sam Whitwiky, his parents, his friends, and even his lovelife.

Here’s the first look at the 4th installment of Transformers entitled Transformers : Age of Extinction.


It’s been 2 decades! Lion King


Have you watched the Lion King in Cinemas before? If you had, you’re more than 20 years old!

Join Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa in their epic adventures here at Lion King.

If you remembered the songs “Can you feel the love tonight?” and “Circle of Life” by Elton John, it’s been 20 years since those songs became a breakthrough hit!


2013 Metro Manila Film Festival – Pagpag : Siyam na Buhay


I think this is the only horror movie for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. For those who are not aware, Pagpag is the tagalog word for “shake or to shake off”, which became a superstion when someone visits someone’s wake, instead of going home directly, they should go some place else (malls, restaurants, or convenient stores), otherwise, the soul of the dead may follow him/her home.

This movie stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Shaina Magdayao, Paolo Avelino, and Clarence Delgado. It is produced by Star Cinema and Regal Entertainment, Directed by Franco Mortiz.


Linsanity Movie Review


Linsanity is about Jeremy Lin’s basketball career, starting from his childhood days when he played basketball even though he’s a young kid.

It’s a documentary movie which is shot in a good, clear camera which also featured the Lin family obviously. It reflects on how an Asian-American became an internet sensation not only because he’s an Asian, because he’s an Asian with the best attitude in basketball.


I just realised that while watching this movie, some people, Asian or not, underdog or not underdog, have the potential to be known even in the internet world, especially in Basketball.

Currently, Jeremy Lin plays for the Houston Rockets, along with former Lakers player Dwight Howard and former OKC Thunder player James Harden.

Recently, Jeremy Lin and the Houston Rockets team had their practice game against the Indiana Pacers last night at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Unfortunately, I did not watched it…



My Movie Review of The Internship starring Vince Vaugn and Owen Wilson


Hey Guys! I would like to share my thoughts on the movie, The Internship, starring Vince Vaugn and Owen Wilson. I believe that this movie mainly focuses on Google, which is one of the biggest companies in the world that millions of people would like to work with.

To start it up, can you imagine working at Google? Where you can eat for free, have fun while working, go biking around Google’s compound, take a powernap with Google’s powernap seats, see a replica of a spaceship inside the office, or anything else that can make your employment at Google like a paradise? Why not ask these two former watch salesmen, Nick Campbell and Billy Mcmahon, their internship experience at Google? Of course if I am given that opportunity I would grab it with all my heart. But I think that working with Google is not only fun, but you’ll also need familiarity on programming, sales, and customer support.

Based on my review, the movie is very funny because of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugn’s antics and catchphrases that made me laugh out loud until I fall down to the ground. The movie also gave me the impression that even though someone who is not quite an expert on the field may have a chance to be in what I call, the dream company. I also say that the movie is primarily an offline advertisement of Google because Google is mentioned many times, I think 70-90% of the movie.

To end my review, I say that this movie is good, especially the funny scenes because it made us laugh and laugh until I fall into the ground. I would also recommend this to the people who wants to see what it’s like to work with Google.


The Purge Screening @ Glorietta


Solar Entertainment brings you the sci-fi/thriller movie screening, The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey.

At first, I was confused on what the purge means, then I find it a bit surprising yet excited with some heart-pounding scenes. The movie is very interesting yet not advisable for young audiences and people with heart illnesses.

The picture says it all and as I watched the movie, l imagined it that what if the Purge happened here in our country.

Have you ever imagined a country with lesser crime and unemployment rate? In the future, America has only 1% unemployment and crime rate because of for one night in a year, for 12 straight hours, all crimes will be legal like murder, theft, and rape in order for the people to take out their negative emotions away. Another thing is all emergency services like police, hospital, and fire services are suspended during the 12 hour period called The Purge.

Watch The Purge on your favorite cinemas and experience how it feels to be cleansed by The Purge.

If you want to see what The Purge is, watch the trailer below.