Investing in Stock Markets, yay or nay?

First of all, people are going gaga about buying stocks in a certain company, particularly bluechips (SM Prime Holdings, San Miguel Corp, etc.), but do you have any idea on why they do it?

For as low as P5,000, you can now start investing in stock markets. Just go to COLFinancial, Philstocks, BPITrade, and the likes, follow instructions, and you can now start investing!

So how do they make money from it? There are two ways:

First is to wait for the market to change, whether you buy at low prices (when prices are red) and sell when prices get high (when prices become green). You just need to be slightly technical if you are not patient enough to get easy money.

There’s this thing called Dividends where a company gives an amount of share or cash for those who bought their shares, it happens depending on the company’s term (usually once a year).

Well for Stock trading, risk is higher because markets are too volatile to predict whether it goes up or down so be ready to be emotional once the market drops very low.


Insurance as investment, yay or nay?

Do you have the money but you do not know where to put it? I’d suggest you invest your money to insurance companies because the only asset that will not be frozen after your death is your insurance.

Been searching all over the internet about investments and savings then I saw a post from a page, Pesos and Sense.

If you are considering getting an insurance, I would advice you to start early because the earlier you invest, the bigger money you get. Even though you invested small, as time goes by, it goes bigger until you withdraw or cash it out.

Got my first insurance at the age of 31, should have gotten that earlier because it might get bigger over time.


Happy new year and 52 week challenge status

52-week money saving challenge is indeed a very challenging task last year. During the 2nd half of this challenge, it became hard for me to save 200 per week due to some expenditures, including birthday funds. However, at Q4, I managed to recover some funds through extra earnings (part time jobs, etc.). To summarize this, I barely failed but managed to save the right amount which is 10,400 pesos plus 2,000 pesos of maintaining balance.


52-week challenge Q1 update

I believe that saving money every week is quite challenging, but as of now, I am doing fine.

Currently I saved P3,600 (as of May 4, 2017) and I am 18 weeks down, 34 to go!

Hopefully this challenge ends well so that my money will be invested for future uses (such as long-term investments).


52-week Saving Challenge? It’s a G!

As I’ve said, 2016 is a challenging year, so I am doing the challenge in order to have a better financial management for my future. In order to do that, I’m going to take on a 52-week saving challenge, but using an amount oriented method.

Each week, I should keep 200 pesos in order to save 10,400 in a year. Although the saved amount is not that big, so instead of putting it in a piggy bank, the money goes straight to my investment (Stock Market, mutual funds, compounding interests, etc.).

I’ll give a quarterly update for this challenge so that I will not miss a week. So good luck to me and try this for yourself.


Adfly Review: Make money by Shortening Links


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After a numerous tests and implementations, I finally cashed it out. Adfly proved me that it is one big legitimate moneymaker. So how adfly works?

Adfly is a URL shortener like bitly and tinyurl but pays for every click on the link. So how is it done?

1. Sign up with adfly as a publisher.
2. Research for a link, news, picture, or a video that you want to share.
3. Shorten the link using Adfly.
4. Share the shortened link using Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or other social sites. (please keep in mind that social sites would ask you to fill up the captcha, just do what they say.)
5. See how your earnings grow!

Note: You need to have a Paypal and Payoneer account for payments.

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Advertising Money

Banned from Adsense? Try KryptoAds


I’ve been looking for a publisher that is close enough to Google Adsense. I tried Infolinks, but the system sucks big time, so I decided to transfer to KryptoAdsa CPM Ad Network Company that centralizes the advertisers who wish to promote products or services online and the publishers who are eager to generate revenue. They serve million of ad impressions every day delivering amazing results for advertisers and high profitable revenue for publishers.

So what are the requirements?

1. You need a paypal account because KryptoAds pay in paypal.

2. You need a blog, of course.

3. The tricky part, at least 3000 unique impressions per month.

What are you waiting for?

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The Chitika 12-month Make Money Online Challenge

Make Money Online Now!

Starting January 2014, I restarted my campaign for making money online, but this time, Google Adsense is out of the picture. I want to try other channels like Chitika, which is somehow the same with Adsense.

For those who did not know, Adsense and Chitika are tools used by bloggers and website owners to earn using their blogs and websites. This, I think, is a more legitimate making money online.

Condition is, if a single payout will be done within that 12-month period, I will continue using Chitika and refer it to my friends. If not, I will not recommend this system, quit using Chitika, and post a bad review about the system.

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Multi-Level Marketers : Are these people really earn so much?



I was invited last week in a “meeting” by one who proclaims to be an HR of a certain company. He told me that I must alot 2 hours of my time for the “meeting”.

When I came in, I wondered why there are people waiting in the lobby, hoping to get a part-time job. I also wondered why some people talked about a product which I knew that revitalize the skin and makes skin younger than ever.

I was approached by a man who talked to a guy who is also waiting for someone, which I had a strong feeling that he would introduce an “opportunity” that I must not miss. When I reached the floor, I saw the company and to my surprise and I knew that company was indeed a multi-level marketing company.

I just pretend to be interested, sit, and listened to their “success stories” with the system. They told us that they were previously poor, but they were college graduates so why would I believe? They also told that they have roamed around the world and bought house and lots, including cars! They also told me that you can fire your boss because you earned a lot of money than they have. They also told me I would just sit around, earning while I sleep, and I do not need to sell something in order to earn.

Because I am a marketing guy, I know some strategies on how to sell something like this lousy strategy. They told you that you are not urged to sell, however, it’s like selling because the one you invited will also pay for the membership which include the items and some benefits. You earn per referral, and you earn per binary depending on the marketing process they have.

It was an effective strategy then because I was invited, improperly, and it was done to me several times, maybe around 4-5 times total. I just ditch them and leave them crying because I don’t know them, why trust them even they earn millions per month?

A true big earner creates good strategy and does not broadcast his/her earnings in public. Broadcasting his/her earnings in public is a strategy that lures clueless people in order to buy their product.


How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you?

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you?

Actually, earning while sharing a link is fun! It is better than joining multi-level marketing nonesense wherein you need a capital in able to earn more money (you want to earn right? why spend if you just need to earn money even little by little?).

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