Goodbye decade 2010s, welcome 2020


Nostalgia alert! RG Tallgeese from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

I started building Gundam plastic models since the early 2000s, in which I just follow the instructions and it’s done!

But my Gundam enthusiast friend told me that I can do more than just following instructions and customize the parts.

I started buying a low-priced airbrush via Lazada and Zurc paints just to try painting my kits. But then, it turns out great until when my baby was born. Painting and customizing kits can be a stress-reliever, especially that you are not facing a computer or digital mobile device.

I’ve been into Gundam since Gundam Wing was shown on our local TV network, GMA, and after that, I told myself someday I’ll grab one of those for my collection and hobbies.


Thinking of going back to website monetization

It’s been 12 years since I started my very own blog, but I made it because of my previous employer. But I became curious on how people earn from websites so I did a research. I tried affiliate marketing and CPC marketing with pleasing results.

After 6 years, I went to hiatus on website monetization to focus on my full time employment at Resorts World Manila.

For now, as a married individual with one child, I would like to consider trying to earn additional money just like I did 10 years ago.


Back in Blogging: 2 new blogs under my network

It’s been months since I last posted in this blog, but I had registered 2 new blogs under the network, these are:

MechCollectors.Club – Because I am currently working on a new hobby which is plastic model building (Gundams to be specific), I registered a separate blog for my current work in progress (WIP) for my builds.

Moneygurado.Club – created this blog about money tips.


52-week challenge Q2 update

This might be the most challenging quarter I have ever experienced because I still have a 3,400 deficit on my account so I am planning to leverage it this month in order to recover my deficit.

April and May are the most costly months for me due to summer vacations and stuff, and June is my birth month so I could not manage to put money in my account.

Hoping for a fast recovery for the next quarter.


2016 was a challenging year

Credits to the Friendly Atheist

As we approach the upcoming year, I’m gonna state why 2016 was a challenging year:

  • 2016 is the year of change, Rodrigo Duterte becomes the President of the Philippines while Donald Trump also won presidency. What will happen next year when Trump takes over?
  • 2016 is a curse for some famous personalities, including:
    • David Bowie
    • Fidel Castro
    • Glen Frey
    • Mohammad Ali
    • Anton Yelchin
    • Miriam Defensor Santiago
    • German Moreno
    • George Michael
    • Carry Fisher
  • 2016 holidays fall on weekends, it sucks because Christmas, New Year, and Labor day falls on Sundays.
  • 2016 is the year of #Brexit, where Great Britain exits the European Union.
  • 2016 is the year of the challenges including Running Man Challenge, Mannequin Challenge, and the Trumpets Challenge.

I’m so excited for the upcoming year and I wish for peace, lesser famous deaths, and a new beginning for most of us so Advanced Happy New Year!


A New Year’s message to GetRealPhilippines: Move on B*tch!


Since when did GetRealPhilippines get involve in showbiz? I think your posts defeats the real purpose of your blog, Philippine Activism.

What I have seen from your posts about Dingdong and Marian’s wedding is quite enough to make my eyes bleed. Although I am not a fan of the newlyweds, but I’ve seen your writers spam the news feeds and complain about his/her bitterness in the internet.

Don’t post something you don’t know, because I believe you are just posting something that might get your more likes and visits for the website.

I think there are more or less 10 posts about the DongYan wedding, and that 10 posts just focus on your negative thoughts about the wedding.

Probably GMA can use it as a marketing tool to advertise their sponsors, especially the ones endorsed by Dingdong and Marian.

Try to move on to the topic because the wedding was held December 30, 2014 and people are not interested on your topic so try to continue posting about the issues here in the Philippines.

Oh, and by the way, if you see that the government and politics here in the Philippines is corrupt and dirty, try to stay in N. Korea, Somalia, Liberia, and other most corrupt countries in the world for at least 1 month.


Beware ATM account holders, even ATMs generate fake bills



Disclaimer: I chose to blur out the names to protect their privacy.

BPI did it once again, but this time they included counterfeit money inside their ATMs.

Based from the post, the account holder received a fake 1000 peso bill when she withdrew her money from the ATM inside a BPI branch somewhere in Taguig.

The counterfeit bill is now sent back to BPI and the account holder filed a complaint.

I hope BPI is aware of this and I hope this will never happen again… EVER!


Anthology of Rants : The use of Low Quality CCTVs


When I browse the internet, I saw the news or footages coming from the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Camera where people claimed that they exposed someone or some sort of modus operandi of something from the websites of ABS CBN News, 24-Oras (24 Hours), and News5. My question is, are you showing this for just to warn our fellow businessmen and countrymen about the modus operandi, or just a famewhore who want to show something on the news even though your footage looked like an 8-bit graphics which is much worse than a portable device from the 1990s?

Every day, every hour, I see news and yet I wonder, have you caught the perpetrator yet? I just see blurry images of the people, the inside shot of the establishment, and a slow-motion movement. Actually, I believe that the video may serve as a warning to people but I also believe they are having a hard time to catch the perpetrator. By the way, have you ever wonder that some CCTV cameras around that even the facial pores or handwriting would be captured. I think businesses may need that especially convenience stores and restaurants with 24-hour operation because crooks and robbers are all around anytime, anywhere.

Actually, I am convinced for the CCTV footages that capture traffic and road updates even though the quality is not good enough because it would serve as a warning or notification to people who are going to work using their cars and vehicles. Some would also use CCTV to capture hit-and-run incidents, traffic violations, and other vehicular incidents, but isn’t that famewhore enough to show something for nothing? If your CCTV camera would capture the license plate, fine, let’s move forward but if you have a footage that even the vehicle are not clear enough to see, you are just wasting your time and your storage for those kind of waste.

Recently, I watched the news that there are robbers who specialize on turning off surveillance cameras by pulling of their wires. I think that those cameras are very obvious that even a rat may notice it. And when the CCTV footage where the comedian-TV host Vhong Navarro was beaten by a group of men was captured, I just see several silhouettes and yet I can’t even determine if the footage is legit or just another famewhore campaign made by some individual who wants to be famous. I’m glad that our local TV news anchor, Ted Failon, will cover that segment in his TV show, Failon Ngayon (Failon Today).


The sad reality of Teenagers today

images (3)

Note: Comments and suggestions are very much welcome.

I’ve been bothered why some teenagers would focus more on Social Media than their studies, what’s more bothering is that some teenagers just post something on Social Media regarding the video or computer game they play, especially League of Legends and DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). Question is, aren’t your parents aware that you just spend more time playing than studying and have the guts to post that online? I admit I was a video game addict before I graduated High School and College, I would rather spend my parents money to finish school than to finish a mission in a video game.

If your parents just let you play and does not give a damn about your grades, then what kind of parents do you have? It’s like you screw them if you did not graduate nor find a work, so do you have any idea on what you do to your life?

Let’s put it this way, yes you have the right to play but you don’t need to be a video game addict (or broadcast to the world that you’re an avid gamer even though they don’t give a damn) and balance your priorities as a teenager or a student.

There are some individuals who wanted to study even though they have no money to pay for tuition fees, nor buy books and school stuff in order to finish their studies and make their parents proud. But not because you have parents that can support your frugal needs doesn’t mean you abuse them.

Another thing is that some teenagers would upload crying selfies on the internet, and worst of all, they would also upload pictures of their wrists slit with blood. It’s like asking, is that what your parents taught you when you were still in diapers? And the worst part of all, some teenagers would have their names on the internet which also include the term “Crime”, “Murdah (Murder)”, “Bhoszx (Boss)”, or any other terms that came from the hiphop culture.

What I think about what’s happening to teenagers on our generation is that some agencies (particularly Department of Social Welfare and Development, Bantay Bata 163, or any other related organizations) would like to limit the way parents discipline their children, resulting to children act like they can do anything they want without getting spanked by their parents. I think the disciplinary actions like spanking or hitting with the belt might do to these delinquent youth in order for them to be disciplined properly.