Brothers' Burger – Burger Hour Promo


It’s Brother’s Burgermania again! Enjoy 50% off your Big Brother’s Burger every 2PM to 6PM available in all stores from Sept 5 to Sept 16, 2011! It is valid for Dine-in and take-out orders only so take note… No Deliveries!

I enjoyed eating this bread long time ago and I missed eating these delicious grilled burgers by Brothers’ Burger.






Live Events Pictures

Wedding Tayo Wedding Hindi Mall Tour in Market Market

This was held a week before the Hero Face-off, but was held in a different place, Market! Market! Taguig. This was the mall tour of the cast of Wedding Tayo! Wedding Hindi! which is currently shown in moviehouses.

This is the first time I stressed my camera by taking a shot to performers on stage, while I am far behind them, watching and taking pictures.

Cosplay Pictures

Hero Face-off 2011 @ Megatrade Hall 2

I am thankful that I have arrived in this event, even if I arrived late, I did took pictures from cosplayers, like the ones you see above. Some of the costumes were very creative and I hope I will get another opportunity to go to a cosplay event like this, I mean bigger event like this….

This event is sponsored by ABS-CBN’s number 1 anime channel in the Philippines, Hero Channel.


What is new about Google+

Is this the battle of the giants? Well anyway, I think Google does not back down from anyone and they created their own social network which is called Google+.

I just remembered facebook before they became known to everyone. The biggest question is What will be the new features of this coming app made by this Giant?

It was originally known as the Emerald Sea and created the final name “Google+”.

For more info, visit and be updated.


Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan

Here are the pictures from our trip in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan last week. Discover the best heritage houses that can be found in Bagac, Bataan. Taste the delicious Filipino delicacies, which can also include Spanish delicacies.


Rising up after I fell down

Do you know what this means? First of all, I rested after I finished making money online because of several failures that happened before, that includes account banning.

But now, I am trying to recreate my pasts and return my profits at home while working in the office. That may also include getting extra money from my websites, particularly this website.


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