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Rico J. Puno dead at 65

OPM Legend, Enrico de Jesus Puno AKA Rico J. Puno, passed away Tuesday morning at 65 years old.

It was announced by his sister-in-law, Anna Puno, via instagram.

“I am seized with deep emotional shock when I found out that our OPM King – Kuya Rico J. Puno – has passed away this morning (Tuesday),” Anna said on her Instagram account.

He is also known as The Total Entertainer due to his on-stage performance as singer and tongue-in-cheek humor.

He is known for his songs “May Bukas Pa”, “Macho Gwapito”, “Lupa”, and many more.

He is also last seen in “I can see your voice” as a contestant and he also guest starred as Engelbert “Daga” Moreno in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Our deepest condolences to Rico J. Puno’s family and relatives.




Disney drops Johnny Depp out of the Pirates of the Carribean franchise

Johnny Depp will not appear in a possible reboot of the Pirates of the Caribbean according to some of the writers of the film franchise.

From an exclusive report of the Daily Mail, Depp will no longer play Captain Jack Sparrow in a possible reboot of the franchise as said by one of the original writers of the film, Stuart Bettie.

In an interview with GQ in the late October, Depp said Disney thought of every way to get rid of him in Pirates, because of the personal creative decisions. Studio executives hated his quirky and unpredictable version of the Jack Sparrow character which fans loved very much.




5 TV Shows from GMA that I think Flopped in 2018

It’s been a rough season for GMA Drama this year because they went head to head against the rival station’s programs (Ang Probinsyano, Bagani, The Good Son, etc.).

This year, several Drama series were launched but not as successful as the previous ones that were aired years before.

So, here are the 5 series that I believed flopped in 2018.


Video of Miss Philippines Eva Patalinjug shows how she recovered from a slip


Being a beauty queen is not easy, especially when a graceful walk is interrupted by an infamous slip. That is why, Miss Grand International representative, Eva Patalinjug, recovered from a slip with grace.

A video clip from her Instagram account showed how she recovered a slip with a caption “Our greatest glory in life is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

A similar incident also happened to Miriam Quiambao during the 1999 Miss Universe pageant, but like Eva, she also recovered from a slip with grace.

Win or lose, that move shows how Filipinos rise up after they fall.


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Pia Wurtzbach is the new Ginebra Calendar Girl #GinebraSanMiguel

On the 185th anniversary of Ginebra San Miguel, 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, is Ginebra San Miguel’s Calendar Girl this 2019.

Pia says, “It’s an honor for me, especially since the 2019 calendar also commemorates Ginebra’s 185th anniversary, This is an experience I won’t forget since this is the first time I’ve done a swimsuit photo shoot since competing at the Miss Universe pageant.”

Brief History

Ginebra San Miguel started its humble beginnings in Quiapo, Manila in 1834. In the 1880’s, Ginebra San Miguel received multiple awards, including a silver medal in the 1883 Amsterdam World Expo, and Grand Prize in 1889 Exposicion Paris.

They were previously operated under La Tondena Distillers, Inc owned by Carlos Palanca, Sr.

After being acquired by the San Miguel Corporation from the Palanca family, Ginebra San Miguel was also acquired along with the company, which officially include the beverage under the San Miguel Corporation family.


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Investing in Stock Markets, yay or nay?

First of all, people are going gaga about buying stocks in a certain company, particularly bluechips (SM Prime Holdings, San Miguel Corp, etc.), but do you have any idea on why they do it?

For as low as P5,000, you can now start investing in stock markets. Just go to COLFinancial, Philstocks, BPITrade, and the likes, follow instructions, and you can now start investing!

So how do they make money from it? There are two ways:

First is to wait for the market to change, whether you buy at low prices (when prices are red) and sell when prices get high (when prices become green). You just need to be slightly technical if you are not patient enough to get easy money.

There’s this thing called Dividends where a company gives an amount of share or cash for those who bought their shares, it happens depending on the company’s term (usually once a year).

Well for Stock trading, risk is higher because markets are too volatile to predict whether it goes up or down so be ready to be emotional once the market drops very low.


Insurance as investment, yay or nay?

Do you have the money but you do not know where to put it? I’d suggest you invest your money to insurance companies because the only asset that will not be frozen after your death is your insurance.

Been searching all over the internet about investments and savings then I saw a post from a page, Pesos and Sense.

If you are considering getting an insurance, I would advice you to start early because the earlier you invest, the bigger money you get. Even though you invested small, as time goes by, it goes bigger until you withdraw or cash it out.

Got my first insurance at the age of 31, should have gotten that earlier because it might get bigger over time.

Brave Exvius

FFBE Gacha Stories: Got a Malphasie off-banner!

I was expecting a Lilith (a physical and magic tanker from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Halloween Banner with some offense) and to my surprise, I got Malphasie.

Malphasie is one of the baddest units in FFBE because she is a physical and magical hybrid offense unit that belongs to a multiple chaining families (Tornado, Divine Ruination, Aureole Ray).

Hybrid units are a must especially when you have enemies that can have alternate immunities against physical or magic attacks.

Based from the picture, I will max it out first before I will have her decimate all enemies in the Chamber of the Fallen, Indignant, and Arms.

By the way, my Hyoh will be happy for her new chaining partner, as well as my Fryevia.



Nostalgia alert! RG Tallgeese from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

I started building Gundam plastic models since the early 2000s, in which I just follow the instructions and it’s done!

But my Gundam enthusiast friend told me that I can do more than just following instructions and customize the parts.

I started buying a low-priced airbrush via Lazada and Zurc paints just to try painting my kits. But then, it turns out great until when my baby was born. Painting and customizing kits can be a stress-reliever, especially that you are not facing a computer or digital mobile device.

I’ve been into Gundam since Gundam Wing was shown on our local TV network, GMA, and after that, I told myself someday I’ll grab one of those for my collection and hobbies.