Happy new year and 52 week challenge status

52-week money saving challenge is indeed a very challenging task last year. During the 2nd half of this challenge, it became hard for me to save 200 per week due to some expenditures, including birthday funds. However, at Q4, I managed to recover some funds through extra earnings (part time jobs, etc.). To summarize this, I barely failed but managed to save the right amount which is 10,400 pesos plus 2,000 pesos of maintaining balance.

Introducing Ultra Super Green – Home of the Best healthy and organic items in Quezon City

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Located at Elizabeth Hall Katipunan Ave., Quezon City, Ultra Super Green (in front of Petron Katipunan) products are all natural and organic with competitive prices compared to other items found in supermarkets.

The following top healthy and organic local product brands include:

  • Tondo X
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  • Veganola
  • Greek Palette
  • Whisk
  • Fetch!
  • Crackle Chips
  • Just Coco
  • Coco Dolce
  • Saporito’s
  • Lemoncillo
  • Nature to Nurture
  • The Basics
  • … and many more!

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Address: Elizabeth Hall- Ground Flr. Lot1 Blk. 41 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines

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Check out more photos from the event:

52-week challenge Q2 update

This might be the most challenging quarter I have ever experienced because I still have a 3,400 deficit on my account so I am planning to leverage it this month in order to recover my deficit.

April and May are the most costly months for me due to summer vacations and stuff, and June is my birth month so I could not manage to put money in my account.

Hoping for a fast recovery for the next quarter.

52-week challenge Q1 update

I believe that saving money every week is quite challenging, but as of now, I am doing fine.

Currently I saved P3,600 (as of May 4, 2017) and I am 18 weeks down, 34 to go!

Hopefully this challenge ends well so that my money will be invested for future uses (such as long-term investments).

Starting over Again since my hiatus from blogging


I don’t know how to tell this but recently I am planning to return to blogging, but I am not sure if I am gonna continue joining blogging events, especially Blogapalooza, or the likes.

For now I am gonna focus on monetizing my blogs, hopefully this will work.

52-week Saving Challenge? It’s a G!

As I’ve said, 2016 is a challenging year, so I am doing the challenge in order to have a better financial management for my future. In order to do that, I’m going to take on a 52-week saving challenge, but using an amount oriented method.

Each week, I should keep 200 pesos in order to save 10,400 in a year. Although the saved amount is not that big, so instead of putting it in a piggy bank, the money goes straight to my investment (Stock Market, mutual funds, compounding interests, etc.).

I’ll give a quarterly update for this challenge so that I will not miss a week. So good luck to me and try this for yourself.

2016 was a challenging year

Credits to the Friendly Atheist

As we approach the upcoming year, I’m gonna state why 2016 was a challenging year:

  • 2016 is the year of change, Rodrigo Duterte becomes the President of the Philippines while Donald Trump also won presidency. What will happen next year when Trump takes over?
  • 2016 is a curse for some famous personalities, including:
    • David Bowie
    • Fidel Castro
    • Glen Frey
    • Mohammad Ali
    • Anton Yelchin
    • Miriam Defensor Santiago
    • German Moreno
    • George Michael
    • Carry Fisher
  • 2016 holidays fall on weekends, it sucks because Christmas, New Year, and Labor day falls on Sundays.
  • 2016 is the year of #Brexit, where Great Britain exits the European Union.
  • 2016 is the year of the challenges including Running Man Challenge, Mannequin Challenge, and the Trumpets Challenge.

I’m so excited for the upcoming year and I wish for peace, lesser famous deaths, and a new beginning for most of us so Advanced Happy New Year!

Digital Signages by WAV Atmospheric


WAV Atmospheric also help increase brand marketing through their digital signages.

Mostly, you can see WAV Atmospheric’s digital signages in familiar locations, especially malls, hotels, restaurants, even in MRT.

WAV Atmospheric Digital Signages can also be in a form of Standalone Kiosks, Touch screen signages, Streamed Customized TV, Hotel Entrance Signage, Corporate LED Bulletins, and more.

Their digital signages can take different forms from the biggest screens, and flexible enough to follow the shape of your device.

WAV Atmospheric branding thrives to create a creative visual content.

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Importance of the Digital Signage in the Philippines

wav-digital-signages-led-tv_miniAdvertising gets more and more advanced each year or a decade passes. From static, weatherproof billboards to animated and interactive advertisements, these materials never failed the advertisers in introducing their line of products. So what are these materials by the way?

A Digital Signage is an advertising material wherein series of product advertisements are viewed in a customized TV screen, standalone kiosks, touchscreen signage, and many others. These can be seen in restaurants, stores, malls, even bus and train stations.

Unlike the static signage that are just printed and thrown away once the ad is outdated, digital signage is much easier to manage and affordable because advertising companies can just edit the content via desktop computer and transfer it through the signage once completed.

It also helps a customer understand the advertised product through a simple slideshow or a short video.

Digital Signage in Asia, particularly in the Philippines, becomes more and more aggressive nowadays due to the advancement of technology.

One example of the leading supplier of digital signage is WAV Atmospheric. Want to know more about WAV Atmospheric? Visit http://www.wavatmospheric.com/ for mor